100+ Hotels Or 100+ Stories?

What does a leisure trip comprise of?

An awesome journey & a good to place to stay ending in some great memories!

What if I were to tell you that along with a great stay, you can get some inspiration & amazing stories? Would that interest you?

Let’s look at a couple of life stories.

1.Navin Tamang, Owner at Tathagata Farm, Darjeeling

Naveen 1

A football enthusiast, Navin left his regular 9-to-6 job and started working on the family farm and built this beautiful property with his brother and their team over a period of time. Navin is actively involved in the Tathagata Farm and Community Homestays initiative that began about 5 years ago to support and sustain economic growth of the village popularly known as ‘Mineral Spring’. They have successfully managed to motivate a number of homes to open their doors for travelers. No wonder most guests feel at home at Tathagata Farm.

Tathagata 2

Leave the Darjeeling chaos and head to this heaven, if you are in search of great food, comfort and more importantly lovely people. Tathagatha will transport you to a different world and make you feel like living like one among the Darjeeling residents in the hills. Imagine waking up to the tweeting of birds and to a view of a large expanse of green overlooking a valley and Himalayas, drinking hand-brewed tea, walking through a sun flower laden path to an open kitchen for breakfast and hiking to a river-stream for a fresh dip early in the morning. Tathagata Farm has received the Best Homestay Award from Lonely Planet & Multiple Certificate of Excellence Awards over the years from Trip Advisor making it one of the Top Rated Homestay/Farm Stay option in the country.

Tathagata 1

Navin Tamang is a passionate host and is deeply involved in all activities at the farm. Navin can be seen around the farm chatting and exchanging stories with the guests who feel like being a part of a large family while staying at the Tathagata farm.

2.Sumant Batra, Owner At Te Aroha, Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand

Sumant 2

Te Aroha is truly one of India’s hidden gems. A boutique luxury resort which has really build a strong personality around it and won many accolades over the years.

Te Aroha 1

Te Aroha is One man’s passion painted on a canvas. Many years ago, as a young traveler, Sumant discovered a non-descript enchanting village (Dhanachuli) during one of his explorations of the Himalayan foothills of Uttaranchal. He fell in love with the place instantly and a summer house came up on the top of a hill in no time. Along with his rising career as a leading corporate & policy lawyer of global eminence, his dream also shaped up into a fantastic property which takes guests into its fold like their own family.

Te Aroha 2

In every nook and corner of Te Aroha, you will find amazing collectables personally gathered by Sumant over a number of years which will take you down the memory lane and leave you with a cozy warm feeling of reminiscence. You will need a day or two to just explore all the amazing little wonders in your room and around the resort. Sumant has also led to many homes opening up in and around Dhanachuli for guests and setting up Kumaon Literary Festival in Dhanachuli itself which attracts the who’s who of the country every year!

We at Qacco don’t just bring to you a collection of 100+ excellent stay options across the country; we offer you 100+ stories to be a part of on your next journey! Cheers!

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  1. A Hearty Nomad says:

    You write really nice and I wish to wake up to the sound of birds. Now it’s winter in Europe and it is cold and no birds are around 😔


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