On Your Next Anniversary, Live Like the Royalty!


Splurge in the luxury and create memories of a lifetime. For your next anniversary date, we present to you some absolutely amazing options in the land of Royal Rajasthan! Needless to say, your spouse will love you for this forever!

RAAS Jodhpur:

Accolades: Conde Nast Traveller – The Gold list 2015, Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report –June 2015, Trip Advisor- Certificate of Excellence

Raas 1

About The Property: Inside the Walled City of Jodhpur and under the imposing stare of Mehrangarh Fort, sits RAAS. The site was formerly the home of the aristocratic Thakur family, and the original 18th-century haveli has been carefully renovated to produce the four old buildings of the hotel. The three new buildings are modern and contemporary in their use of space and light, and are yet grounded in tradition. Jodhpur’s red sandstone unites the new with the old, with modern designs in its latticing and carving adding a fresh dimension to the region’s age-old stone carving industry. This seamless harmony between the old and the new, the modern and the traditional, extends to all aspects of RAAS. Almost all of the rooms have magnificent views of Mehrangarh Fort from both the private terraces and from the cast iron bathtubs; and those that don’t, have their own private gardens and views over the old haveli and landscaped gardens of RAAS. Darikhana is a beautiful terraced restaurant and the Baradari Café is located inside the old pavilion and offers a relaxing location near the pool. There is also a luxury spa that offers a full range of treatments. RAAS is the ideal place to soak up the rich local heritage of Jodhpur, while indulging in opulent luxury and comfort at the same time. As soon as you drive through the old wooden gates in RAAS’s very own blue tuk-tuk, the majesty of Mehrangarh Fort will embrace you. (Click to book)

Raas 3

Raas 2

Shahpura Bagh:

Accolades: Certificate of Excellence- Trip Advisor, Rated 1st among B&Bs in Shahpura

shahpura-bagh 1

About The Property:  Look beyond the beaten track amid the golden sands of Rajasthan and you will glimpse an oasis – a dazzling shimmer of sunshine on water that hovers on the edge of a mirage. Drive on. This is timeless Rajasthan – untouched by the creeping fingers of ‘modernity’ – unchanged in its unpretentious natural grandeur.

In the early 1900’s, Rajadhiraj Nahar Singh of Shahpura mortgaged the family’s private property and jewels to bring water to his people. Today, the lakes he created form the heart of a verdant wetland refuge – historic, picturesque, tranquil – an idyllic setting where man and nature have come to understand each other. Situated midway (4hrs drive, 220 Km from both) between Jaipur and Udaipur and easily accessible from hotels in Udaipur, Ranthambore and Jodhpur; Shahpura Bagh is the residence of the rulers of Shahpura. Travelers, since time immemorial, have always stopped to rest and refresh themselves at this oasis and the Shahpura family is famous for their warmth and hospitality. (Click to book)

shahpura-bagh 2

shahpura-bagh 3

Suryagarh, Jaisalmer:

Accolades: Trip Advisor Hall of Fame (5 Years of Excellence Awards), Travellers Choice 2015 Winner

Suryagarh 4

About The Property: Suryagarh occupies a bluff atop a low hill. Right from the entrance — with its large doorways, water bodies and arches — it transports you to the age of royalty. And, much like the fort, the hospitality, too, is grand. As you enter, rose petals gently waft from the rooftop to greet you; the rhythmic beats of large drums are almost hypnotic; folk artists create an interesting spectacle; a pandit blesses you and a smiling general manager ushers you in. The hotel has been planned on a sprawling scale: the property, with three floors, has 62 rooms and suites; a spa called Rait; a fitness centre called Akhara; restaurants Nosh and Legends of Marwad; Draksh, the bar; Tash, the cards and billiards room; and Neel, the indoor swimming pool. All this is in the midst of lush gardens, elegant courtyards, lakes and other water bodies.  A visit to Suryagarh ensures retro revival with a contemporary twist. A vacation can’t get more royal than this. (Click to book)

Suryagarh 1

Suryagarh 3

Vivaana, Mandawa:

Accolades: Best Heritage Hotel- North India Travel Awards, Certificate of Excellence- Trip Advisor

Vivaana 1

About The Property: Vivaana is situated close to the touristic town of Mandawa. Escaping from the restleness of the city, reaching Vivaana is worth the ride and brings you the comfort you need for an ideal getaway. This heritage property is a hundred and twenty year old symbol of craftsmen excellence and grandeur and is hidden in the small unexplored village of Churi Ajitgarh. The property boasts of unparallel fresco paintings and typical Rajasthani architecture and makes for a compelling place to visit for an unforgettable magical experience.

The property boasts of perfection at every step and expertly combines both cultural and modern values. While on one hand, you are exposed to the kingly life in its true self and on the other hand the property has excellent facilities in its bard, swimming pool, lawn sit out etc. The property is a treat for photographers. There are carvings, paintings and engraves which give you a peek into the history. At night, one can enjoy local talents such as puppet show, local dance and folk music. (Click to book)

Vivaana 2

Vivaana 3

Bhainsrorgarh Fort Hotel, Chittorgarh:

Accolades: Certificate of Excellence- Trip Advisor, Rated 1st among Hotels in Bhainsrorgarh

Bhainsrorgarh Fort 1

About The Property: Bhainsrorgarh Fort is one of the finest Boutique Forts Hotels in south eastern Rajasthan and stands overlooking an expanse of the Chambal River. It is one of the most picturesque and awe-inspiring forts of Rajasthan. This fortified outpost of the erstwhile kingdom of Mewar (Udaipur) sits majestically on a rocky cliff that rises from the bank of the Chambal River. Located 235 km northeast of Udaipur and 50 km south of Kota, the fort was built in 1741 AD. The fortress has been restored to its old world charm by the present family that continues to live in the same precincts. The Fort wall encompasses a thriving village, possibly one of the few in the country to be contained within the fort. The gently restored Palace within Bhainsrorgarh Fort can be accessed over a bridge built on the Chambal or by a boat transfer that takes you to the edge of the fort where the cenotaphs of the family are located. Besides, there is the endless charm of exploring on your own; the well-tended gardens, village, farms, cenotaphs and surrounding ruins. Guests can keep themselves busy with various activities like a boat ride in the Chambal River, visit to the 9th Century Badoli Temples, drive to the tribal villages by Jeep in the evening; catching the magic of dusk as they stop for tea or a sundowner at a scenic spot on the banks of the chambal river. You can also enjoy a picnic on an island or a drive to the Mukundarrah National Park which is great for birding. (Click to book)

Bhainsrorgarh Fort 2

Bhainsrorgarh Fort 3


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