Time To Enjoy The Festive Season- CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S !

December is at its end and it’s about time everyone around has started making plans for the most awaited weekends- Christmas and New Year’s!

Long weekends with Festivities! Who doesn’t want that?

Every person wants a break from his routine to catch up with life and the missed out fun on a place where they could enjoy a wild party , or a scenic natural trail because escape to a happy place is all what we need at the end of the year.

Let’s start planning these major weekends with this list of events and places to visit and create a memory worth remembering.


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Goa is often referred to as the party destination of India but a traditional Christmas Eve is worth ditching a party as it reflects myriad of colors of Goa. Few things to do around Goa on Christmas:

Attend a Midnight Mass

Goa with its spectacular Churches offers a midnight mass for you to make prayers and thank the lord for everything. Indulge in singing hymns and carols and embrace the ethnic Goan culture of love.

Quiet evening on the beach with a hearty meal

Goan food is popular for its ethnic Malvani preparations and the variety of flavours it provide in food. A quiet evening with your closed one’s on a beach side shack with a glass of beer along with the great food is just the right way to bring in the weekend vibes.

Burn the Old Man

Unique is the tradition of native goans  burning a stack of hay with clothes resembling an old men signifying end of worries and other ill powers to create a fresh start for the new year. Join this age old tradition of good over evil and indulge in  old beliefs for the evening.


What is a festival without fireworks? Not the kind Indians prefer, so go out on the beach and see the colourful lights set up by the people to mark the joy of this festival giving it an altogether new way to celebrate and you never know some impromptu parties may be on it’s way.


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Kerala – God’s own Country is appropriately titled as it is one of the scenic places known to Indians. Coasts lined with coconut and palm trees, vast stances of beaches, shielded backwaters are just  few of the examples of what Kerala has to offer. Christmas in Kerala is celebrated extensively as it is hometown to a lot of Christians. Kerala offers a lot of Churches to set the spirit of Christmas for the long weekend and a walk down the beaches is just another addition to this joy. Beautiful houses in Kochi are decorated to celebrate festivity and small markets are open through the night to give you the feasibility to shop and blend into their culture.


The biggest Music festival in India is just around the corner and is the biggest getaway for party lovers!

Image result for Sunburn festival pune

Sunburn held in Pune is a  four-day music festival featuring the top musicians like Nucleya , Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and many more. Held from 28th December to 31st December is the perfect way to plan your New year’s weekend. Indulge in the variety of music and get lost to beats of all genre with other facilities like Camping on the site with barbecue sessions, karaoke nights and other sports to make your holiday memorable.


“Experience Kutchi, Gujrati Style Utsav under White Rann.”

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Rann Utsav is one of the most spectacular cultural festivals in India bringing out the richest  ethics and beliefs of Indian religion. Held on the white shimmering sands of Kutch, Gujrat offers varied activities like camel cart excursion , Golf cart, ATV rides, paramotoring, meditation and yoga. Gujrati culture is at it’s peek in this festival with their traditional dances and music drowning you  in the colours of culture and creating a new box of memories.


Gear up shopaholics and art lovers for this amazing conglomerate of art where more than 400 artists from across India gather to put up small stalls in this fair from 21st December to 30th December in Shilpgram , Rajashthan offering wide range of artifacts for you to choose from. This also includes folk dance and other cultural programs which is a delight to the eyes of the large number of visitors. No wild parties or loud music but this fair will surely make your holiday worth it.


Written by Jhanavi Ratnakar

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